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Shifting Paradigms: Fair Use in Education
How is the legal landscape of copyright changing in response to the digization of information? How do the legal concept of copyright and the ethical concept of academic integrity playout in the lives of our students? How can we model ethical behavior for our students?
Mixing It Up: Remix and Social Media Go to School

How do students engage in remix as readers? How do they engage as authors? How does the creative commons offer a philosophical response to the restrictions placed on creative remix? How can we model responsible remix through assessment practices?

Reading & Resources
As traditional copyrights and the dynamics remix culture converge, how do we remain cognizant of the various schools of thought surrounding the issue?. Here you'll find links to research, commentary, and organizational resources aimed at helping educators stay informed.
Joining the Conversation
We have a responsibility to enter into the dialogue around copyright and remix as it impacts education and how we teach, today. Our blog provides an ongoing opportunity to join in the conversation, as well as to network thenews, our ideas, and the methodology needed to teach in a remix culture.