Information At-a-Glance or More?

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I fret with personal frustration over the public's tendency to ignore facts in favor of sound bytes and trite analysis offered by fevered commentators.  Too often dialogue disintegrates as someone ... Read more..

Disruptive Thinking: Not the Standard

Sunday, July 4th, 2010 Posted in literacy, multiple literacies, observations, teaching & learning | No Comments »

"You can't write an essential question about Pokemon," one English teacher told her 9th grade students. What fun we had learning otherwise. " do you think like that," one student ... Read more..

A look at “the Future of Publishing.”

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Be sure to watch this all the way through.  It certainly illustrates how we need to turn our thinking around to re-imagine the future, rather than simply toss aside the ... Read more..

Information Deformation

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Bradbury Still Championing Libraries

Saturday, June 20th, 2009 Posted in observations | No Comments »

The New York Times article titled, A Literary Legend Fights for Local Library, running June 19th featured Ray Bradbury (well-known author of Farhenheit 451) and his lifelong championship of libraries ... Read more..

The Great Gatsby a novel for OUR current time

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Just got finished teaching this classic novel and it's a wonderful book to be teaching in our current economic climate. The book is about the infamous Jazz Age and about ... Read more..