The Dawn of Learning…

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Absolutely powerful message!  While administrators may be relying on the loss of revenue as the impetus for change, this is the REAL reason we should be restructuring the places and ... Read more..

Indecent Indeed

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Read Buffy Hamilton's (The Unquiet Librarian) powerful response (An Indecent Proposal) to the President's failure to include funding in support of school libraries.  This failure to strengthen his recent official ... Read more..

Getting Started with Classroom Blogging

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Educational Consultant, Megan Poore moderates the blog Meg’s Blogagogy. The blog offers educators a tutorial in how to (and why to) use blogs in an educational setting, all the creating a ... Read more..

WikiSpaces: Constructive Practice

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Simply put, this is constructivism.  Collaborative authorship, peer editing, constructive practice...WIKIS offer learners an opportunity to interact across space and time.  As authors, students can interact both freely and reflectively. ... Read more..


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VoiceThread is a interactive media tool that allows users to comment on images and video through text, drawing, audio, and video inputs.  Multiple users can connect to a single piece ... Read more..

Capzles: Collaborative Publishing

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I first encountered Capzles during the 2008 election when TruthDig (a non-partisan political watchdog) featured "Vetting Sarah Palin" as a means of chronicling the history of this political enigma.  TruthDig ... Read more..