Students Blog for Change

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(Original posted in Students in Matt Z's "Minorities & Prejudice" class have kicked off a blog in an effort to raise awareness about the topics and issues they study in ... Read more..

Twitter to blog…

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Read Adam Singer's thoughts in 19 Reasons You Should Blog And Not Just Tweet, then give some thought to how this translates into the classroom setting.  I am currently collaborating with ... Read more..

Getting Started with Classroom Blogging

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Educational Consultant, Megan Poore moderates the blog Meg’s Blogagogy. The blog offers educators a tutorial in how to (and why to) use blogs in an educational setting, all the creating a ... Read more..

Pseudo-Learning Community

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I read an older post on "Blogging and Originality" put forth by Jennifer Macaulay, a recent grad student responding to Rachel Singer Gordon’s Oroberosity on The Liminal Librarian (a blog ... Read more..

Media, Technology, and Society on the Merge

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Students in our 10th grade level Mass Media classes have been researching the media effects on society.  It's difficult to maintain a repository of up-to-date information and views on emerging, ... Read more..

Birth of a …. blog (or the inadequacy of early efforts in new media)

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If you've ever watched "Birth of a Nation," you have some understanding of the complexity of conforming old ideas about thought and narrative to a new medium. The effect ... Read more..