The free online tools of Web 2.0 capture the imagination and free the everyday user to leave behind his role as “passive consumer” and engage with media as an author and producer. What would you like to do?

…organize and share bookmarks? | BlinkList | Digg | Twine | Diigo | eSnips
Evernote | StumbleUpon | Squidoo

…chat with someone on a different network?

…take notes ON the web?
iLighter | Wizlite

…collaborate on/share notes?
MyNoteIt | Notely | NoteMesh | NoteCentric | QipIt

…take a small “clipping” from a web page?
Web Chops | Clipmarks

…create office documents WITHOUT Microsoft Office?
Google Docs | Zoho

…create an online database?

…have text read aloud?

…sketch your brainstorm/mindmap? | Mindomo | Free Mind

…collaboratively brainstorm?
Mind42 | MindMeister

…develop a flowchart?
Gliffy | Diagrammr

…draw collaboratively on a whiteboard?
Thinkature | Scribblar

…share photos and artwork?
Flickr | Picasa (Google) | Shutterfly | deviantART

…edit images?
WetPaint | SumoPaint | Aviary | BeBo

…create online slideshows?

…publish your Powerpoints to the Web?
authorSTREAM | ThinkFree

…create vector-based drawings?
Project Draw

…create a comic strip?
Pixton Interactive Web Comics | Comic Creator

…share video?
YouTube | TeacherTube

…capture your screen (in motion)?

…edit video?
Jaycut | OneTrueMedia | MotionBox | Photobucket

…create an animation?
XtranormalDigital FilmsDvolver Movie Maker

…mix audio files?

JamGlue | Looplabs | Audacity (download)

…create visual graphics?
Many Eyes | Wordle | Wordshift | WordMosaic | WordItOut | Tagul |

…create multimedia stories?
Capzles | VoiceThread | Animoto

…create a podcast?
Podomatic | ProfCast (download)

…create a wiki?

| PBWiki

…create a blog?
EduBlogs |

…manage and create RSS feeds?


…track family geneaology?


…start a debate?



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