You Do the Fact Check!


Open your mind!
Each of us approach news from a point-of-view that has been formed by our backgrounds and our experiences.  Naturally, we are attracted to those stories that support the way we already perceive the world. You’ll need to make a conscious effort to look at things “from the other side.”
Ask lots of questions!
This is just as important when we are listening to arguements that we tend to agree with , as it is when we listen to those with which we tend to disagree.

  • What is the reporter’s political bias?
  • What is interviewee’s political position?
  • Who is paying for the message?
  • Does the story present alternate points-of-view? How are these characterized?
  • Does the interviewer present an arguement? Is the story editorial?


Cross-check the facts!
Are there sources or statistics cited?  Are these verifiable?  Look up “facts” that are used to support any arguement.  Are these consistently reported across sources, both conservative and liberal. If not, they may be spin.  Look for agreed upon information. Ask yourself, can this information be checked against public record?
Consider the source.  
Do the authors or speakers have known or suspected biases. This can bring credibility into question. Don’t be afraid to think for yourself!

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