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I’m entranced with the new genre of digital medium that seeks to enhance rather than simply reproduce the book .  While I am not ready to admit that this new experience could (or should ) replace text (print or digital), it’s going to be difficult for authors and librarians to ignore such a compelling medium. There is, afterall, a unique appeal to a format that can draw in those who DON’T regularly read for pleasure…a whole new market of consumers/patrons.

Obviously, much of the success of Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code can be attributed to the interactive nature of the text itself (who didn’t read this and try to figure out the clues for themselves?).  And yet, there was that added feature…wherein readers could interact online.  A publishing ploy?  Perhaps.  But also the dawn of a new form of reading…one that meets the needs of a culture that EXPECTS global interaction.  Like YouTube and fan fiction, the interactive text shifts the medium in which it is rooted to be something more.

Take or leave the iPad’s new iBooks application if you are reading a text.  In my opinion, a Kindle, Nook, or other e-ink reader is a more pleasant experience when considering the glare.  But then…experience the interactive book applications or enhanced iBook editions (not to mention the magazine apps) and it’s hard to resist reading on…gloss and glare be dammed.

Don’t have an iPad?  Check out Dreaming Methods, a self-proclaimed “fusion of writing and new media” that showcases interactive multi-modal book projects across the web.

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