Inspired by Daring-Do

January 4th, 2011 llcowell Posted in design theory, librarians, social media, teaching & learning 2 Comments »

I absolutely love what Gwyneth Jones does with her blog, The Daring Librarian.  The verve she shares with other professionals has even spilled over into what she shares with her students (see The Daring School Library). Her At-a-Glance Cartoon Tutorials add new appeal to those must-have but often ignored cheat sheets we hand out to teachers and students.  What she does transcends tech connectedness.  Through graphics and style she connects with a studentss where they are now!  I have played with the idea of migrating my own school site into WordPress and wiki formats and her success inspires.

On a side note, I hope to convince our marketing teacher to use Gwyneth as an example of “branding” and marketing oneself.  He’s been frustrated with the same-old-same-old activities where students “advertise” products already released and already branded.  What a powerful exercise this would be.  Check out Gwyneth’s branding adventure here.

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