Media Literacy Appeal

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What’s Your News iCue?

May 8th, 2010 llcowell Posted in learning spaces, media, teaching & learning No Comments »

Current events are a standard part of many curriculums, particularly in those field where technology and research are rapidly changing common knowledge.  In my own school, I routinely work with World Culture teachers to identify relevant current events, and to identify the validity of the sources that they use.  Too often, though, students scramble into the library at the last minute to clip or google a news story to “hand in” as evidence that they are keeping up with current events.  So, I’m in search of new approaches to reaching students through current events. I think NBC’s iCue has something to offer.  As they note: ”iCue is a fun, innovative learning environment built around video from the NBC News Archives.”  The experience is social (engaging online community members in discussion) and interactive (using videos, games, and other online activities) helping students (and other lifelong learners) immerse themselves and interact with world news as it happens.

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That’s Quite a Byte

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EMC introduced it’s digital ticker in 2007 and asserts that the Digital Universe is Still Growing, noting that

the creation of new digital information in 2008 actually exceeded IDC predictions by three percent. The digital universe is expected to continue to grow by a factor of almost five in the next four years.

EMC Worldwide Information Ticker

The ticker is interesting to view (click image for live image)…sort of like those world population clocks (anyone seen a wordpress embed?).  If the above estimate is close, and the world population clock relatively accurate (6,800,956,235 when I checked within the hour), that means there have been 12,370,093,814 bytes of information produced during the first 41 days of 2010…for every person on earth.  If the recently published 538 page world history, Worlds at War by Anthony Pagden, were digitized it would be approximately 244,790 bytes by this method.  I’ll divide by 2, since many represent two bytes of information.  We’re left with  the equivalent of 25,000+ “volumes” of information created for every person on earth…in just 2010 (with not regard to the reliability of that information).  Quite a library…but a bit daunting to think about cataloging (or sifting through, for that matter).  I can think of a few ways for libraries to remain relative.

BTW: If anyone knows of a better method of estimating bytes in a book, let me know.

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Social Networking Technology as a Revolutionary Tool?

April 8th, 2009 llcowell Posted in HistoryRemix, media, mobility No Comments »

Check out this beautiful blend of technological innovation, historical awareness, and political upheaval!

Protests in Moldova Explode, With Help of Twitter (New York Times). There is an even wider world coverage of the effects of social technology on society as a whole on Evgeny Morozov’s foreign policy net.effects.

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