Copyrighting wrongs….?

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Not sure why the Disney Copyright Video was removed from my blog for “copyright violation”…since I embedded it from YouTube.  I’ve fixed the post (for now), being sure to use the creator’s preferred YouTube link. 

While we’re on the topic… has a great post on what Creative Commons license professionals should use…something they call CC-PRO.  It’s a very clever/thought provoking response to professionals who dread this remix culture.  Definately a blog to put on my watch list.

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ALA IFRT Weighs In…

May 4th, 2009 llcowell Posted in censorship No Comments »

I’m relieved to see ALA weigh-in on the issue on this local censorship.  As Deborah Caldwell-Stone, the acting director of ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, notes:

just as library board members must put aside their personal views in support of the library’s mission, “the Common Council has an obligation to distinguish between personal beliefs and the preservation of the public library’s duty to represent the diversity of people, opinions, and ideas found in West Bend, Wisconsin,” and urged reconsideration of the decision to deny reappointment to the trustees.

Read about it here:  Dismissal of Wisconsin Board Members Draws National Censure

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Forum for Freedom to Read

April 30th, 2009 llcowell Posted in censorship No Comments »

Students met in our LMC this afternoon to discuss the West Bend censorship case.  These kids have spent an impressive year openly discussing/debating public issues, so it was no surprise that they moved to meet regarding this issue, so close to home (literally).  Student concern centered not only around the nature of the books being censored, but around the concept of censorship, in and of itself.  It’s promising to see young citizens advocate for their own (and others) rights in a democratic society. These young people understand that even a limited or narrowly defined case of censorship sets a precedent that could be used in the future to censor additional materials, based on new criteria.  And that one never knows when those criteria will turn on your own interests.  I am reminded of Arthur Miller’s “Crucible.”  Perhaps this time, the outcry of young people will have a different (and better) outcome.  Stop the witch hunt!

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