Surprising Visuals

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Searching for similar images online is an interesting way to explore visual literacy concepts.  Idee’s multicolr search allows you to choose and image by up to 10 colors (no upload necessary) while their visual search lab helps you find similar images via tags.    I recently uploaded an image of my daughter in GazoPa and it netted me the following…

No surprise, the florals…and nice possibilities for collaging.  Of course, I got a giggle out of the family of orangutans.  I’m not sure how my daughter will respond.

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I’m Looking for Hue

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I often create graphic collages for use in marketing my library.  Because my school’s colors are orange and black, I often search for images that in those colors.  I love iDee’s multicolor search engine.  You can enter any combination of colors and zero in on a great selection.

Curricular uses?

  • Have literature/writing students analyze and digitally illustrate a poem or text passage (use movie or presentation software such as Animoto).  Color can reinforce mood and audience interpretation.
  • Students in Family and Consumer Ed Classes locate images that are ideally suited to the color schemes they have used in designing a space.  Or have them locate images to be displayed during a fashion show of garments they have made.
  • Explore how different cultures perceive color, reinforcing this with image searches.
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Aviary Offers Great Accessibility

June 29th, 2010 llcowell Posted in LiteracyRemix, visual learning, web 2.0 tools No Comments »

Aviary ( offers a free suite of online media editing tools that rivals the pricey software suites many of us are using in our schools.  As educators, we know that student achievement comes with both practice and practical applicaiton, and yet, most students do NOT have access to these same tools at home, and likely never will.  If students are to incorporate the tools we teach at school into their daily lives,  it’s time to start teaching with tools that are more accessible.  The Aviary suite includes:

  • a layer-based image editor (Phoenix) – png, gif, jpg, tif,
  • a vector illustrator (Raven) – svg, eps
  • a swatch editor (Toucan) for creating color schemes using color wheel tools or an image uploaded for inspiration
  • a image mark-up tool (Falcon) in tandem with a image capture browser plug-in called Talon is great for labeling and highlighting.
  • audio remix editor (Myna) (download as mp3, wav or embed)
  • a music creator (Roc) with 50 instruments that allows you to create loops
  • an visual effects editor (Peacock) that Aviary calls a “lab,” this tool provides powerful and sometimes complex tools for experienced artists or a playground for people who want to tinker.

The creators of Aviary software have committed themselves to making powerful tools available to artists in all genre, in an effort to grow both interest and contributions to the creative commons. Images published by the community of members are largely available for REMIX.  These tools promote visual literacy in action and offer a generation of learners the opportunity to participate as media authors as well as audience.

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Graphically speaking…volumes!

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